Tuition & Financial Assistance

Excellent education in an Islamic environment.


  • Full time students in preschool to kindergarten is $2300
  • Full time students from 1-8 is $6300
  • Non-refundable registration fee $300. (This is to reserve a spot for your child at Avicenna. Registration is renewed every year.)
  • Registration Opens Spring 2020

Financial Assistance

Parents who value the learning experience in Avicenna are very much appreciated. The high tuition can be a burden on some families to pay it. For those who are interested and not able to meet the school financial obligation, we provide assistant to our students through State Choice Voucher program.

Parents need to provide Avicenna office with financial information at (219) 736-7100 or email  to follow the steps to determine the eligibility of families interested in tuition assistant.