Our Mission

Excellent education in an Islamic environment.

Our mission is to instill the fundamental principles of personal faith, honorable character, and commitment to scholarship as a means of supporting each student in reaching his/her full potential.


In practicing our faith, every student is to live according the tenants of their personal faith. Together in Avicenna we seek spiritual understanding of Allah’s beauty and His will.  We cherish Prophet Mohammad and he is our model. We follow his practices in our daily life. Our Islamic faith and values serve as the foundation that shape us on how we perceive ourselves and how we act toward one another.


We serve as a shining example of what it is to be a young, confident and capable person of sound and character in the twenty first century diverse world. We believe that character is formed through comfortable and confident collaborating with people from a myriad of social, religious, linguistic and ethnic backgrounds.


We possess complement of academic skills: linguistics of English and Arabic language, mathematical, scientific, technological, physical, and social education. Our teachers will guide the students in study habits to lead them to academic success through personal connections and differentiated instructions. The curriculum is enhanced by utilizing technology in research and Quran memorization.