Monthly Fun Club

Excellent education in an Islamic environment.

Avicenna pizza Club is a monthly fundraiser in which students help support. Students get 2 pieces of pizza and a juice for $6. Once per month, moms club treat students to a nice lunch and part of the return will come back to Avicenna!

Ramadan month is a blessing month for all. Students buy their friends and family a flower for a $2 wishing them a happy Ramadan. This is a form of fundraising that brings back earning to us. Voucher will sent home and are posted on the school website.

M&M sale is in February. It tie friendship stronger and together similar to the saying “Gifting is loving one another” (Tahadu,Tahabu). All you have to do is provide a voucher when you order―these are sent home with the school children and posted on Friday newsletter.

Download Vouchers