Excellent education in an Islamic environment.

Giving Zakat to Avicenna

Zakat is a form of giving to support Avicenna Academy students. Supporting through zakat giving will continue your thawab throughout your life. Giving to Avicenna began with its founding in 2004 and continues today. The generous support from community, parents, and Alumni of Avicenna helps many students to receive a quality education that will enhance their growth as successful students in their character, scholarship, and faith.

Tuition covers about 65% of the average cost of educating each child. Your donation will support the life and body of Avicenna and its future.

You can choose where to direct your zakat or contribution fund. These are the area in great need:

  • Invest in the classroom teaching and technology updates.

  • Help a child with financial difficulty and help fund for his or her education.

  • Express your support and belief in the values of the independent school.

Scholarships For Education Choice:

Donate to Indiana’s School Scholarship Tax Credit program