Garden of Hope

Excellent education in an Islamic environment.

The Garden of Hope has 3 wooden beds in the back of the school that are planted with vegetables and herbs each year. There is also a tripod for growing pole beans and 2 bird feeders that the kids enjoy watching from the classroom window.

The goal of the garden is to promote healthy eating habits, a love for planting, an appreciation for nature and the Earth, and care for their community.

During early spring, students plant seeds in the classroom and tend to them under the direction of the teacher. The seedlings are then planted outside in the garden beds once the danger of frost is gone. While students participate in the garden they are also learning a variety of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics) related activities in a fun way, outside of the classroom.

Vegetables are distributed among students or donated to the local food bank.

We are looking to expand on the Garden of Hope by adding new items each year. We love to have parent involvement and contribution to our wonderful garden. We are always in need of donations, supplies, and volunteer workers. Every little bit helps a great deal.