About Avicenna

Excellent education in an Islamic environment.


Avicenna Academy is an independent faith school located in Crown Point, Indiana. Founded in 2004, Avicenna serves students in grades Preschool-8th grade who come from various areas. Students come from areas as close as 7 minutes’ drive and as far as Highland, East Chicago and Valparaiso areas. We promote and apply daily moral and ethical principles of our faith. Each day is full of learning experience, academic challenges, and nurturing students to have a positive self-image as twenty first century, global citizens.

Meet Our Head of School

We believe seeking knowledge is the way that shapes everyone. Everyone carries a special character within themselves. Every person is unique and special. With education, teachers, students, and strong will, we bond together to build a strong learning environment and safe place for everyone.

In Avicenna you are welcomed. You are cared for. You are challenged. You will flourish and succeed.

All students build their character, faith, and scholarship. They leave Avicenna with a sense of self-worth, proud of who they are, and ready for high school.

With great enthusiasm and privilege to lead the school, it is my utmost pleasure to watch this process move forward and to invite you to come and be part of Avicenna family.

Gratefully, Mrs. Nuha Rifai