3rd – 5th Grade

Excellent education in an Islamic environment.

Students in grades three through five at Avicenna Academy are exceptional learners. Students focus on the state standards and increase their learning by building on concepts they have learned in prior years.


Students in grades three through five focus on the structural elements and organization of different types of literature. Students also evaluate nonfiction reading by identifying key ideas and textual support by utilizing the structural elements and connecting ideas. Students are constantly improving their vocabulary through different types of text. There are four key areas that students focus their writing on, such as informational, persuasive, and narrative compositions. Students are expected to follow the writing process to develop, organize, and edit their writing using the correct conventions of standard English.


Students learn strategies and build on mathematical skills by continuing to enhance what they have learned in previous grade levels. The concepts and strategies the students will be building on are: understanding different ways to read and write numbers, compare numbers, modeling and solving fractions, decimals, and eventually percent, and fluently multiply and divide by solving real world problems that show and understanding of the concepts addressed. Students will also build on their geometry skills by identifying and classifying polygons and three-dimensional shapes and use appropriate tools to measure the shapes. Students will also be able to appropriately measure and convert units of measurement using the appropriate tools. Students will also be able to find area, perimeter, and volume using the correct formulas. Another concept students will build on is data analysis. Students will be able to read, create, and interpret different types of data graphs, such as picture graphs, line graphs, bar graphs, circle charts, and line plots.


Students in grades three through five will learn about the world they live in by completing activities, understanding the scientific method, and gaining knowledge of the concepts addressed in the state standards. Students will build their knowledge of the concepts in the categories of physical science, earth and space science, life science, and engineering.

Social Studies:

Students in grades three through five will build on their understanding of the world, past and present. Students will be introduced to ideas, cultures, geographies, history, and current events related to the area of study. Students will be studying different communities around them, gain a better understanding of the founding and building of Indiana and our nation.