Mission 1: International Space Station

From our implementation plan for Mission 1 to the International Space Station:

Despite SSEP requiring a substantial time (and emotional!) commitment and overhaul of how we currently do things in most American classrooms, the overwhelming benefits of participation speak for themselves. SSEP was life changing for AASCC's students. It presented us with an amazing opportunity to transition from theoretical knowledge, learned in class to practical knowledge and application. That alone contributed to the increase in interest and motivation. Our students were presented with obstacles nearly every step of the way in their research and experimental design and instead of tossing in the towel, the students persevered, altered their approach and forged ahead; not only did they gain an abundance of knowledge and laboratory skill, they gained indelible characteristics which their parents have expressed they have since exhibited in other areas of life.


Our goals for our continued participation in SSEP are as follows:
1) Increase the level of academic independence/curiosity exhibited by students at younger ages in the field of science
2) Expand the previous participants' knowledge base by encouraging topics unrelated to their last experiment
3) Increase communication skills by having previous participants act as peer-group advisors
4) Maintain pass and pass+ scores on ISTEP+ science exam
5) Improve the quality of scientific writing

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