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     Avicenna Academy was named after Ibn Sina (980-1037 C.E.), a physician, philosopher, mathematician and astronomer. Ibn Sina has been described as the "doctor of doctors", a "giant among giants" and a "master of philosophy". He was also credited with memorizing the Quran by the age of ten and authoring his first book by the age of 21. His most famous work, the Al-Qanun, has been one of the most influential and widely used medical science books in the west. Avicenna, the Latin version of his name, was chosen as the name for our school because of his devout faith, strong character and dedication to scholarship.

     In 2003, a group of parents joined together to create a school that would provide a safe, nurturing environment for their Muslim-American children. The post-9/11 atmosphere left many Muslim-American students feeling a sense of confusion and shame in their identity as Muslims. Hoping to provide an environment where Muslim-American students could be proud of their heritage while simultaneously receiving a quality education, Avicenna Academy opened its doors with a total of 20 students in kindergarten through grade 2. Since then, we have been adding grade levels as our student enrollment grows.

     During the 2007-2008 school year, we expanded by adding a second building with more classrooms. Since then, a library, media center, and playground have been added to our campus. During the 2010-2011 school year, we expanded from early education and elementary school to middle school as well. We have tripled in size since Avicenna opened its doors in 2003.  We currently serve 61 students enrolled in our pre-school through grade eight.

     Avicenna Academy is accredited with the state of Indiana and the global accrediting body, AdvancED.
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